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More Than Just a Hymnal:  This new core resource reflects the best in Lutheran worship today, with both familiar and new liturgies, hymns, and more...  This worship book is more comprehensive than any previous resource — yet it is the same size as the Lutheran Book of Worship.


It represents the full breadth of the church, including much that churches know and cherish, while incorporating new liturgies, new hymns, and new texts.  A prayer resource for worship, at home, and throughout  your journey of faith. Durable cranberry red hardcover offers excellent tear-resistance for long life.   "Cross and Leaves" symbol prominently embossed on cover.

Transfiguration Lutheran Church is moving forward to adopt and use the new ELW. 

This is your chance to donate hymnals in honor or yourself, friends, family or anyone you want.  Bookplates will be completed for each hymnal purchased in honor of a person.

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In the Hymnals:

· 10 Communion Settings

· All 150 Psalms for Singing

· Newly Commissioned Art

· 15 New Services

· Over 700 Hymns & Songs

· Small Catechism

$25 Each Hymnal

$85 Large Print Hymnal